We are very flexible and customize all our solutions to fit our the needs of our clients. From ensuring your business is compliant with the current regulations in the crypto-currency space to having a valid paper trail of your transactions and purchases.

We help clients with

In 2021, AccountAble became one of the first ever companies to offer payment and accounting services to DAOs.

We assist multiple different DAOs with compliant payments of suppliers, employees and contractors whether they need to receive regular salaries, crypto payments or FIAT.
We make sure your business is compliant with legal requirements, and creates a paper trail that is easy to navigate and transparent for anyone who might need to investigate and transparent for anyone who might need to investigate.

We work closely together with your local advisors or auditors in order to assist them in reporting mandatory data to the authorities in your country of operation
We are some of the only accountants in the world capable of tracking and booking transfers made in crypto currencies. We are familiar with most blockchains, and are able to incorporate those in your accounting.

We regularly prepare P&Ls and Balance sheets for our clients ensuring full transparency for all stakeholders
"AccountAble helped us to become financially efficient. At AccountAble, the team has a solid sense of dedication to their job, a high skillset about compliance and regulations, with a particular specialization on Crypto Currency which makes them a valuable partner when dealing with the financial aspect of the Blockchain technology. I like how the AccountAble team is ensuring that accountancy keeps the same fast pace of our business"
- Paolo Anziano, Founding Partner and CFO at AmaZix
"It’s a real pleasure to work with AccountAble. They are experts at blockchain and crypto accounting and bookkeeping. It’s not easy to find knowledgable, reliable, dependable and trustworthy business partners but you get all of that with AccountAble. I highly recommend working with them, you won’t regret it!"
- John Ndege, Renowned & Co
"I am very pleased with the professional accounting services provided by AccountAble.
Our Association have looked far and wide for someone with the expertise to handle and document our transactions coming from all over the world.
And with the quick responses and specialized advice of AccountAble, we are able to comfortably handle crypto currency payments as well"
- Frederik Osterhammel, Nordic Blockchain Association

We support most types of entities


  • DAO services
  • Payroll
  • Payments


  • Compliance
  • Taxes and expenses
  • Payroll


  • Invoices and expenses
  • Taxes
  • Pay
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